Note: The deck height must be correct before using this fixture to cut the rail grooves.


First test fit your frame to the PRC car, if it fits and is flush in the channel and can be bolted down your good to go.

If not you will need to thin the frame first, thin the frame down to .755 (FOLLOW FRAME THING INSTRUCTIONS) just enough for the frame to be bolted to the CAR (DO NOT OVER TIGHTEN THE BOLT)

This is an example of frame thinning cut THIS ONLY DONE FIRST IF THE FRAME IS TOO WIDE

Mount your 1911 frame to the CAR with the longer supplied hardware and aluminum plug. When bolting your frame down make sure the bolt does not hit the threaded shaft underneath. To verify the shaft will turn freely by hand after the frame is tightened down to CAR. Make sure the frame sits down in the grove no gaps. The bolt needs to be tight but not too tight. To zero the blades to the frame turn each adjustment knob until it touches the frame on both sides you will feel it stop. At this point you do not want to loosen the adjustment knobs during cutting keep constant contact with the blade. You will only need to tighten before a cutting pass (DO NOT OPEN TO RETURN THE CAR). Take note of the white dots and each location they might be different.



Run the CAR forward until the frame passes through the cutting heads to the start position. Use cutting oil on the frame and the blades. Apply oil with every 1 full turn of the adjustment knobs. Remove cutting chips every few passes even when in the grease. This will insure your PRC will cut many frames. Do not adjust blades just yet. From the starting position run the CAR forward and see if the cutters are actually touching the frame. If correct the first pass through should have put a little even scratch on both sides. Double check that the frame is square to the cutting head and move the car forward to the starting position to begin cutting. When using a drill to cut the frame cut in the low gear and dont let off the trigger while making a pass. Do not start a pass with the drill if you can’t complete it



Cut’s look even and without taper proceed to slide groove cutting instructions.