Use the supplied pins with the decking fixture and pin the frame into the fixture. You can use a drill press or cordless drill to drill through the frame.
After drilling you need to countersink the holes (THE LEFT SIDE ONLY) Use a countersink if you have one for both sear and hammer hole. If you dont you can use a common 1/4 drill bit. When drilling, pull out from the hole several time to remove chips while drilling. USE OIL SEVERAL TIMES WHILE DRILLING



To prep for decking, measure these 2 locations and write down starting measurements. Measure the slide catch hole to top of frame. Then measure hammer hole to the top of the frame. (YOU NEED TO KNOW YOU’RE STARTING DIMENSIONS BEFORE DECKING) Use the slide catch measurement to determine how much material needs to be removed while decking. For the hammer hole, just remove the same amount at the rear of the frame as the front.

Example:  Your frame measures .365 from slide catch hole to the top of the frame. The print call out is .348 final dimension you need to remove .017 evenly off the frame. Frame final dimension for the slide catch hole is .348 and for the hammer hole .355.